Identify Swadeshi:

First of all i want to make you sure that there is no any direct source by which you can identify Swadeshi Products. Many people has suggested the government to mark some swadeshi icons on the products which is totally developed by indian company several times and from several year but still government havn't put their eyes on any such issuse they have total concentration on looting the nation still.So, here just i am giving you the possible solution for the same following this is your responsiblity.

Steps to identify Swadeshi Products:

  • Use my effort. Search (product name @swadeshaj) in google and if you get url from swadeshaj that means that company is swadeshi (most probably because mistake can happen from our side also must suggest us if you find anything wrong).
  • Check from this swadeshi vastu list if it belongs to the list i.e. it is swadeshi.
  • Refer to the wikipedia and search the key people and the company head quarter. If it belongs to india then you can consider that is swadeshi products.
  • At last you can see manufacturer code that starts with 890......... for india which assure at least manufacturing is done in india except Beaverage type of product(for which manufacturing cost are almost negligible i.e. company is eating total sale prices).
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  • If we avoid all their products we will be able to save our nation.